Latest Rib Sets

RCM&E ‘Gigi’ - for Galloping Ghost - from Nov 1966 RM - 24 Jun 2017
Graupner ‘Hi-Fly’ - 10 Jun 2017
RCM&E ‘Quicksilver’ (or ‘Kwiksilver’ to give it it’s Sunday name :-) - 8 May 2017


All ribs and parts are available via my eBay store - iGull Laser


For commercial and legal reasons, I am not allowed to use certain trade names when advertising on eBay. One of the major ones of the last century - ‘KeilKraft’ or ‘KK’ is now owned by Ripmax who took over the previous owners - Amerang.
To circumvent any issues, any items will simply have their original name and the designer - they just won’t have that trade name attached.
FYI, Ripmax are bringing out (2017) some of the old ‘KeilKraft’ kits - full kits - hopefully not full of old oak and dried up balsa cement like they used to be :-)))