All ribs and parts are available via my eBay store - iGull Laser

They may also be purchased directly from me, simply use the contact page and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Please note that I cannot accept cheques or cash.

Complete Parts List - as of 20 Jul 2019

Ace RC Tigerkitten
Airtronics Aquila
Airtronics Legend
Airtronics Sagitta 900
APS Beagle Pup 150
APS Kismet
APS Lightning
APS Pal Joey
APS Peacemaker
APS Rubberdub
APS Sharkface Ribs
APS Sharkface Classic Part Kit
APS Simplex 40
APS Sir Jasper
ASK-18 2.4m Glider
CG Electra
CG Falcon 56
CG Gentle Lady
CG Jr Falcon
CG Senior Falcon
CG Sophisticated Lady
Chet Lanzo Swayback
Chris Foss Phase 2
Chris Foss Phase Five
Chris Foss WOT4 MkI
Dave Platt Half-Tone
DB Apprentice
DB Barnstormer Baby
DB Ghost Rider 38
DB Mini Pronto
DB Mini Tyro
DB Tomboy Senior
Flair Atilla
Flair Baronette
Flair Magnatilla
Flair Puppeteer
Flair SE5a
Frog 45 MkII
Frog Jackdaw
Frog Nimrod
Frog Slingsby Skylark
Frog Talisman
Frog Tutor
Frog Wren
FT Battery Mount
FT Mini Ply Control Horns
FT Mini Ply Firewall Mounts
FT Ply Control Horns
FT Ply Firewall Mounts
FT Ply Motor Mount
FT Spear Ply Parts
Graupner Amateur
Graupner Amigo II
Graupner Caravelle
Graupner Cirrus
Graupner Dandy
Graupner Hi-Fly
Graupner Kadett
Graupner Kwik Fly Mk III
Graupner Middle Stick
Graupner Mosquito
Graupner Taxi
Graupner Topsy
Graupner Weihe 50
Jensen Das Ugly Stik
Kamco Kadet
Kamco Kavalier
Double-K-Brand Ace
Double-K-Brand Achilles
Double-K-Brand Ajax
Double-K-Brand Aquarius
Double-K-Brand Bandit
Double-K-Brand Caprice
Double-K-Brand Chief
Double-K-Brand Conquest
Double-K-Brand Dolphin
Double-K-Brand Elf
Double-K-Brand Elmira
Double-K-Brand Firebird
Double-K-Brand Firebird X-Pack
Double-K-Brand Firefly
Double-K-Brand Fleetwing
Double-K-Brand Gazelle
Double-K-Brand Gypsy
Double-K-Brand Halo
Double-K-Brand Invader
Double-K-Brand Joker
Double-K-Brand Junior 60
Double-K-Brand Ladybird
Double-K-Brand Marquis
Double-K-Brand Outlaw FF
Double-K-Brand Outlaw SC
Double-K-Brand Pirate
Double-K-Brand Pixie
Double-K-Brand Radian
Double-K-Brand Robin
Double-K-Brand Senator
Double-K-Brand Slicker 50
Double-K-Brand Slicker Mite
Double-K-Brand Snipe
Double-K-Brand Soarer Baby
Double-K-Brand Soarer Major
Double-K-Brand Southerner 60
Double-K-Brand Southerner Mite
Double-K-Brand Spectre
Double-K-Brand Stunt Queen
Double-K-Brand Super 60
Double-K-Brand Super Slicker 60
Double-K-Brand Topper
Model Aircraft ‘Wee Snifter’
Mercury Galahad
Mercury Gnome
Mercury Junior Monitor MkII
Mercury Magna
Mercury Matador
Mercury Picador
Mercury Swan
Mercury Tiger Moth
MZ Goblin Short Kit - AKA old Irvine ‘Pixie’
Ray Malmström Skygipsy
RC Powers Control Horns
RC Powers Ply Motor Mounts
RCM Bird of Time
RCM Li’l Toad Short Kit
RCM&E ‘362’ Delta
RCM&E ‘Quicksilver’
RCM&E Go-Jet
RCM&E Phil Kraft ‘Flea-Fli’
RM Gigi
RM Maricardo
RM Pushover Short Kit
RM Radio Princess
RM Soarcerer
RM Trainer
RM Wagtail
SI Osprey 100
SI Osprey 64
Sterling Rimfire
Stu Richmond Buzz Bomb
Telemaster 40
Veron Cardinal
Veron Deacon
Veron Impala
Veron Mini Robot
Veron Robot
Veron Sky Skooter
Veron Wagtail
Vic Smeed Ballerina
Vic Smeed Bandboy
Vic Smeed Chatterbox
Vic Smeed Debutante
Vic Smeed Electra
Vic Smeed Poppet
Vic Smeed Pulstar Short Kit
Vic Smeed Tomboy Ribs
Vic Smeed Tomboy Part Kit
VK Sopwith Camel


For commercial and legal reasons, I am not allowed to use certain trade names when advertising on eBay. One of the major ones of the last century - ‘KeilKraft’ - is now owned by Ripmax who took over the previous owners - Amerang.
To circumvent any issues, all items of this nature will simply have their original name and the designer - they just won’t have the trade name ‘KeilKraft’ or ‘KK’ attached.
FYI, Ripmax have brought out (2019) some of the old ‘KeilKraft’ kits - full kits - hopefully not full of hard oak and dried up balsa cement like they used to be LOL :-)))